Original Artwork, Photographs, Film and Transparencies

Lumiere scans artwork, fine photographs, slides and transparencies to high-resolution digital files for reproduction on our wide-format ink jet printer, using fine archival papersWe can also transfer these museum-quality scans to a provided external storage unit. Expert attention assures we capture and enhance the finest detail and color.



    Flat Bed Scans/ Camera Capture 

    Includes: Image capture, Image cleaned of dust & imperfections in Photoshop, Basic color & exposure correction, and a 5x7 proof

    Service Price
    Small Archival Scan (smaller than 8x10) $40.00/ea.
    Medium Archival Scan (smaller than 9x12) $60.00/ea.
    Full Size Archival Scan (Articles 9x12 to 16x20) $80.00/ea.
    Large Size Archival Scan (Larger than 16x20 or with High Complexity, Damage, or Type) Upon Request
    Small Camera Capture ( Up to 11x14) $80.00/ea.
    Medium Camera Capture (Up to 20x24) $100.00/ea.
    Large Camera Capture (Up to 20x30) $120.00/ea.
    Extra Large Camera Capture (Larger than 20x30 or with High Complexity, Damage, or Type) Upon Request


    Film scans

    35mm/ Slides/ 120mm Scans/ 4x5 Negative Scans

    Includes: Image cleaned of dust & imperfections prior to scan, Basic exposure adjustment

    1 - 9 Negatives 10+ Negatives
    35 mm, slides, 120 mm film 15 Upon Request
    4x5 Negatives  20 Upon Request