The Passing of Nathan Lyons September 08 2016, 0 Comments

"We at Lumiere Photo are deeply saddened by the passing of Nathan Lyons.  Nathan was a tireless supporter of the photographic community in Rochester as well as around the world.  It is impossible to describe the full extent of his teaching, photographs, writing, curating and mentoring to many people within the photographic community, including my-self.

 I have known Nathan throughout every stage of my involvement with the medium of photography: student at the Visual Studies Workshop, photographer, business involvements with photography, board member and chairman at the Visual Studies Workshop and most importantly friend.  He was and will continue to be my mentor in all aspects of my photographic life. 

Vicki Goldberg was quoted in the New York Times obituary from an article she wrote about Nathan in 2000.  Making reference to Nathan’s photographic style, she noted he created sequences of images often presented as diptychs, “little apercus of offbeat moments that, when sequenced, add up to more than the sum of their parts.”  This perhaps, is a metaphor which describes the many aspects of Nathan’s life and the legacy he leaves behind.  

What it doesn't describe however, is the love all who knew him hold in their hearts for a man who so quietly brought to so many the tools for deciphering a greater understanding of the world we live in.  He will be greatly missed."

-Bill Edwards