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Operation Photo Rescue October 25 2016, 0 Comments

Image from Operation Photo Rescue Portfolio

I came across a really unique organization: Operation Photo Rescue (OPR). They are a team of photo restorers who travel to disaster areas to capture photos that have been damaged then upload them to volunteers all over the world who will restore and send the new photo back to the original owner. 

“I had no idea how profound that impact could be until I participated in my first of several copy runs,” says Pat. “I personally copied the photos brought in by a mother who told me they were the only photos she had of her son who died at the age of 14. We met families clutching photos that they felt sure were a lost cause, only to be moved to tears after hearing us tell them, ‘No problem, we can fix that.’” (Pat, an OPR Volunteer)

It is quite amazing that they can restore memories when everything else is lost for these victims of flooding or storms. They have an online volunteer application for those interested in getting involved and helping those in need:

“Insurance doesn’t restore memories…but we do.” -OPR