10 Things I Learned in Photo School August 26 2016, 0 Comments

In lieu of classes starting again this week, I know so many art and photo students are already brainstorming and having to begin their class assignments. It’s fun, but also creates a lot of pressure along with the other 10 thousand things students have to do (register for classes, figure out text books, catch up with friends, buy toilet paper, etc.)

I made a list of the top 10 things I learned while I was in photo school. For the new students, I hope this helps. Good luck!

  1. First and most importantly; take care of yourself first. Health is more important than any grade.
  2. Become friends with your professors; they have a lot of knowledge, experience, and connections.
  3. Learn all of the cool technology but also take chances not relying on it. After you graduate, you’ll need to know how to work without the fancy gadgets that are too expensive.
  4. Think outside the box; you’re an art student; it’s your job.
  5. Expose yourself to the rest of campus; join new clubs, meet different people, your work is important but so is getting out and exploring.
  6. Minor in something you’re interested in that could help your career. The non-major requirements might be pretty boring but if you can find something that relates to what you want to do, you can tackle it with a totally different approach.
  7. Take advantage of student discounts at craft stores, print shops, and other stores; it all adds up.
  8. Learn more than your art. You’ll need to know how to network, negotiate, market yourself, manage money, price your art, and so much more. Artists are entrepreneurs more than anything.
  9. Do internships! You’ll need a job someday….
  10. Work your butt off. College isn’t easy, but it’s fun, and stressful, and an adventure you’ll only get once.